2005 Summerfest Competition Barbeque
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Entry Presentations

Sausage Presentation

Chicken Presentation

Rib Presentation

Pork Presentation

Brisket Presentation

Chef's Choice Presentation

Going Hog Wild!

Lee & Dwight preping the pig

Almost done!

The cooks
Betty, Keith, Dwight, Nate, Ryan, Lee

Just off the cooker

Goodville "G" Brand

Goodville Apple

Dress-up time

Tying on the apron

All dressed up & ...

Bring on the Beef!

Where are those judges?

Lee & Todd

Other Photographs

Friday Night Buffet

9th Place-Chef's Choice

Kevin's Kids

Preparing brisket for presentation

Just cookin' in the rain
What a wonderful feeling ...

Preparing rib presentation

Ribs to ya

Rodney Alderfer

Newswangers - the boys